How to complete Nokano quests as Saurid in Battle for Azeroth

dinosaur saurid wow nakano

Everyone we know has recently renewed their WOW subscription and is banging through Battle For Azeroth’s new content. And it’s great – but it’s definitely new, and a little buggy. Some fun mechanics have experienced difficulties, including a cute minigame that can be frustratingly buggy.

The official quest is entitled Curse of Jani, and it takes place in Dazar’alor and Zuldazar. It happens after you complete Pests, the quest where you chase Thieving Snappers around the city and end at the Big One. Well, the Big One morphs into a sadist who turns you into this:

dinosaur saurid wow nakanoImage via Wowhead

First you have to run down a stretch of city, dodging aggro sentries with a Sprint to get to this bro called Nokano. Next, you have to head back for some reason and bite him. Why? Because we’re Blizzard and we said, that’s why. Much like the Pinky quest, without much explanation you must run directly into the lit-up goalperson’s face, and the quest promptly restarts should you get too close to a wall or a citizen.

This quest is currently ill-conceived because the barriers which restart the mission are so unreliably defined that it feels bugged. Hopefully they’ll fix it. In the meantime, pop your sprint early, mid about right at the bend just barely juking past the red soldier, and then barrel into Nokano like it’s going to ding you 120. Ah, World of Warcraft. Life’s been empty without you.

Breaking: Smash Bros Switch Bundle Confirmed?

smash bros bundle for nintendo switch confirmed

Many have speculated since the announce of Smash Bros game for Switch and its release date if there will be a Switch bundle. Now, Nintendo’s Instagram story SEEMS to have confirmed the rumors!

Check out my screenshot of the @nintendo Insta story confirming the bundle exists:

smash bros bundle for nintendo switch confirmed

What do you think? Have you been waiting to buy a Switch to hear if this bundle would exist? This looks like the real thing and if so, I am so IN!

Does Sailormoon Drops Infinite Heart increase your current heart count?

When one gets desperate, the Infinite Heart boost in Sailor Moon Drops is a helpful tool – and it’s on sale right now to boot. But how does it work? One common question players have is, “if the tool makes it so you don’t run out of hearts for thirty minutes, but doesn’t add hearts to your total, and I buy the boost when I have zero hearts left, do I get nothing?”

The short (and relieving) answer is no, they do not. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like after you get the Infinite Heart boost to explain:

So basically, you don’t HAVE a number of hearts through the 30 minute duration – you have infinity!

What are your favorite boosts in the game?

Can you trade TERA’s new BuddyUp codes with a friend?

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Popular Korean MMORPG TERA is trying to reel some of their former player base back in with a promotion called BuddyUp. What is it exactly? Well, players over level 40 can generate a unique “BuddyUp” code from the in-game menu to share with their friends. The friend can apply this code to any character level 9 or below and earn great in-game rewards including extra experience and items each time you reach various leveling milestones.

But how does it work? One common question is whether BuddyUp codes can be traded with a friend – that is, can two players exchange BuddyUp codes and use each other’s, or can one person only act as a mentor to another and not also be their mentee? Luckily, the answer is YES, you can exchange BuddyUp codes one for one with a friend. Mentor rewards are great too, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Here’s how to get to your BuddyUp Code in TERA:

  1. Log into a level 40+ character
  2. Go to the Friends menu (hit U)
  3. Click the BuddyUp tab
  4. Generate your BuddyUp Code at the bottom

Feel free to post your BuddyUp codes in the comments below and let other users have a go. Here’s mine:

Resplendent.Umeko#8676 used 1/3

Why Sailor Moon Drops is harder (but better) than Candy Crush

Shoutout to my fellow unapologetic weebs pretending it’s 3:30 on a Tuesday and you ran in from the bus and slammed that remote to Cartoon Network to watch your favorite Sailor Scouts fight evil and win love. Yes, the Sailor Moon game has overtaken Candy Crush as my preferred phone timewaster, and I used to be a Candy Crush expert/hardcore addict, so I know a few things.

I have determined in the course of my play that SailorDrops is the harder of the two games, but also the more interesting. Some features I prefer in Candy Crush and some in Sailor Moon Drops, but ultimately it is more challenging. Here’s why it’s a tougher game:
  • You cannot reroll a bad level setup in SailorDrops. Both games incorporate RNG into (some) level generation, meaning that the particular mix/placement of jewel colors you get will differ. If you get a bad one in Candy Crush, you can X out of the window that pops up over the level and preserve your life to try again and roll better. If you do this in SailorDrops, you lose the heart and effectively chose to lose that game without even trying. I like this as it is. You play what you get. 
  • Special/combo move effects do not preserve game state at the time of activation. That means that if I activate, for example, the color bomb with a horizontal stripe, gems can fall from their current location before the effect is activated, making any strategy I put into decided when/where pieces should be placed when I activate the move essentially useless. I do NOT like this feature and believe they should change it to work the way Candy Crush’s does, which does preserve game state when you activate special/combo moves. Changing it to match the Candy Crush system would reduce RNG and reward players for making more strategic moves.
  • There is no daily wheel of freebies to spin. You do get login bonuses, but that’s predetermined so you can’t get lucky. 
  • The friends list has a limit. Candy Crush intelligently wants you suckering as many of your Facebook buddies as possible into playing this game. SailorDrops however limits you to like 30 friends, which is stupid, because if one of them becomes inactive you have to constantly cull your friends list based on their activity level and replace them with people who will actually respond to your requests.
What are your thoughts on Sailor Moon Drops? Overall I love the game and I’m really enjoying some of the newer level designs. The Diana one is my favorite. Leave a comment and tell me!

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Best Character Names on Diabolos (FFXIV)

Think you have the best name on your data center? Here are our picks for the best names for toons we’ve seen on Final Fantasy XIV’s Diabolos server:

Ash Ketchum
Helter Skelter

(DIS)HONORABLE MENTIONS: (For those whose names induce a smirky facepalm)

– A chocobo named “Shitpiece”…. lovely

Any votes for Diabolos best/worst character names?

FFXIV Ninja Level 40 Quest “Ninja Bathin'” Strategy Guide – Tips

Final Fantasy XIV Ninja Bathin quest

Having trouble with your level 40 Ninja quest?

Not the first part with the baths and the bikinis and the rooftops – that’s all too easy. I’m talking about the second bit, with the intrigue and Karasu.

The problem: you can’t aggro the bats near the soldiers, or they’ll aggro too and at level sync 44, you can’t take all those baddies.

Solutions: you’re going to aggro the first bat no matter what, so pull him away from the soldiers and back into the alcove with the statue. Kill him behind the statue, then hug the wall hidden to avoid the second bat.

For the third bat, you’ll need to walk along a bit behind him as he makes his circuit, so feel free to watch it through a few times first.

The fight itself is easy.

Why I’m Leaving LootCrate for Loot Gaming

Today, I cancelled my beloved Lootcrate subscription.

Well, I didn’t really leave, I just switched to Loot Gaming and there’s not a way yet to do that without cancelling my current subscription to the core crate. So just keep that in mind.

I love Lootcrate – really, I do. I’d have liked more retro/8-bit or any crossover geek gear but I love the crate, love the concept, great value – that’s why I’m continuing with Loot Gaming. It’s just more my flavor. I don’t really watch random sci-fi/fantasy shows so those items were less interesting to me. I will miss Star Trek/Wars/Lotr/Doctor Who/mainstream comic gear, but there’s enough random stuff outside my interests that I’m not too worried about it.

Plus, I would FREAK OUT if I got the Razer box. #epicloot

Seriously, a gaming subscription box? Has a more sublime phrase ever been uttered than “gaming subscription box” – aside from “pizza, extra cheese” or “Viggo as Aragorn”?

“Where might an Eorzean go to bathe?” Answer (SPOILERS)

(I guess I’m supposed to warn you about spoilers? So, spoilers.)

So you’re a level 40+ Ninja, and your sensei Oboro has asked you, “Where might an Eorzean go to bathe?”

Problem is, you’re not necessarily the most attentive when it comes to flavor. Whoops. Okay, remember the place where you rubbed that gross old naked guy? (Yeah, that’s a real quest.) No? Okay, it’s coming…

It’s Camp Bronze Lake!

Answer that, head there and find your buddies hangin’ out on roofs. ‘Cause that’s what us ninja types are prone to do. In broad daylight. Also prepare to see some more of your favorite in-game colleagues almost naked. Yay?