FFXIV Grand Company Chocobo Bardings

If you’re like us, you have developed a recent obsession with Final Fantasy XIV, which means you now have progressed through much of the main story quest and have to decide which Grand Company to join. The gear’s pretty similar, so your decision and mine should both be based on some more superficial factors: how much you like each city/zone, general aesthetics, and of course, what outfits you and your chocobos get to wear!

Outfits for chocobos are called bardings, and each Grand Company has its own that match the city’s colors. Here are photos of each of the Grand Company-specific chocobo bardings:

Original screenshots via GamerEscape – Grand Company labels added by me!

What do you think? As you can see, the Lominsan barding is red, the Gridanian yellow and the Ul’Dahn a greyish blue. While the other Chocobo bardings such as the Crested and Half sets vary slightly in form and function, they maintain these basic color schemes.