Why I’m Leaving LootCrate for Loot Gaming

Today, I cancelled my beloved Lootcrate subscription.

Well, I didn’t really leave, I just switched to Loot Gaming and there’s not a way yet to do that without cancelling my current subscription to the core crate. So just keep that in mind.

I love Lootcrate – really, I do. I’d have liked more retro/8-bit or any crossover geek gear but I love the crate, love the concept, great value – that’s why I’m continuing with Loot Gaming. It’s just more my flavor. I don’t really watch random sci-fi/fantasy shows so those items were less interesting to me. I will miss Star Trek/Wars/Lotr/Doctor Who/mainstream comic gear, but there’s enough random stuff outside my interests that I’m not too worried about it.

Plus, I would FREAK OUT if I got the Razer box. #epicloot

Seriously, a gaming subscription box? Has a more sublime phrase ever been uttered than “gaming subscription box” – aside from “pizza, extra cheese” or “Viggo as Aragorn”?

“Where might an Eorzean go to bathe?” Answer (SPOILERS)

(I guess I’m supposed to warn you about spoilers? So, spoilers.)

So you’re a level 40+ Ninja, and your sensei Oboro has asked you, “Where might an Eorzean go to bathe?”

Problem is, you’re not necessarily the most attentive when it comes to flavor. Whoops. Okay, remember the place where you rubbed that gross old naked guy? (Yeah, that’s a real quest.) No? Okay, it’s coming…

It’s Camp Bronze Lake!

Answer that, head there and find your buddies hangin’ out on roofs. ‘Cause that’s what us ninja types are prone to do. In broad daylight. Also prepare to see some more of your favorite in-game colleagues almost naked. Yay?

Does FFXIV’s Minfilia Look Like Rikku?

Do you think Final Fantasy XIV’s Scion leader Minfilia looks like Rikku from FFX?

Here’s a screenshot of Minfilia:

And here’s Rikku from Final Fantasy X (and X-2, of course, but this shot is from FFX):
Eh? EH? Come on, it’s pretty uncanny. 
Here’s a direct side-by-side:
YOU be the judge!

How to Turn Off UI in FFXIV for Screenshots (PS4/PC)

If you want to take a screenshot without the UI buttons all clogging up the screen, hold the Scroll Lock key and then press Print Screen, It’ll automatically save the screenshot to the game’s Screenshots folder.

Anytime you’d like to hide the HUD or turn the UI buttons off for any reason, you can just use Scroll Lock. If your computer is like mine, it requires you to hold the Function (FN) key to access Scroll Lock. The Function keys are listed in blue below the regular keys.

If you want to turn the UI off on PS4, press L1 + the touchpad button. (The touchpad button does the same thing as the Select button used to do back in FFXI on the PS3.) To take a screenshot, you can also just press the Share button. If you want to record a specific moment, press the Share button twice, then once more to stop the recording.

Resplendent Umeko, Mi’qote Ninja on Diabolos 🙂

Top 10 Reasons Why Final Fantasy XIV is Better than Other MMOs

Top Ten Reasons Why FFXIV is Better than Other MMOs:

  1. Where else can you be a catgirl AND a ninja at the same time?
  2. The leve system. 
  3. They are officially a PC. (Sorry, Macs, but we much-derided PC users get some satisfaction out of this.)
  4. Logs + leves + dungeons + guildhests = alternate ways to level = (almost) no grindy-feeling awful ho-hum leveling. 
  5. Don’t like the class you rolled? Don’t start over – just SWITCH!
  6. Aethernet shards = much less useless running around the same old cities. 
  7. You can ride a chocobo. 
  8. Did you hear me? You can ride a CHOCOBO. 
  9. Speaking of which, there’s endless Final Fantasy lore for fans, from roaming Cactuars to Warriors of Light references to the fact that my server (err, “data center”) is named for my favorite FFVIII GF. /geekout
  10. Bottom line, from cutscenes to weather effects to character models, this game is GORGEOUS. 
Convinced? Come play with me!
Image via Squall85 on DeviantART