FFXIV Ninja Level 40 Quest “Ninja Bathin'” Strategy Guide – Tips

Final Fantasy XIV Ninja Bathin quest

Having trouble with your level 40 Ninja quest?

Not the first part with the baths and the bikinis and the rooftops – that’s all too easy. I’m talking about the second bit, with the intrigue and Karasu.

The problem: you can’t aggro the bats near the soldiers, or they’ll aggro too and at level sync 44, you can’t take all those baddies.

Solutions: you’re going to aggro the first bat no matter what, so pull him away from the soldiers and back into the alcove with the statue. Kill him behind the statue, then hug the wall hidden to avoid the second bat.

For the third bat, you’ll need to walk along a bit behind him as he makes his circuit, so feel free to watch it through a few times first.

The fight itself is easy.