Why I’m Leaving LootCrate for Loot Gaming

Today, I cancelled my beloved Lootcrate subscription.

Well, I didn’t really leave, I just switched to Loot Gaming and there’s not a way yet to do that without cancelling my current subscription to the core crate. So just keep that in mind.

I love Lootcrate – really, I do. I’d have liked more retro/8-bit or any crossover geek gear but I love the crate, love the concept, great value – that’s why I’m continuing with Loot Gaming. It’s just more my flavor. I don’t really watch random sci-fi/fantasy shows so those items were less interesting to me. I will miss Star Trek/Wars/Lotr/Doctor Who/mainstream comic gear, but there’s enough random stuff outside my interests that I’m not too worried about it.

Plus, I would FREAK OUT if I got the Razer box. #epicloot

Seriously, a gaming subscription box? Has a more sublime phrase ever been uttered than “gaming subscription box” – aside from “pizza, extra cheese” or “Viggo as Aragorn”?

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