Why Sailor Moon Drops is harder (but better) than Candy Crush

Shoutout to my fellow unapologetic weebs pretending it’s 3:30 on a Tuesday and you ran in from the bus and slammed that remote to Cartoon Network to watch your favorite Sailor Scouts fight evil and win love. Yes, the Sailor Moon game has overtaken Candy Crush as my preferred phone timewaster, and I used to be a Candy Crush expert/hardcore addict, so I know a few things.

I have determined in the course of my play that SailorDrops is the harder of the two games, but also the more interesting. Some features I prefer in Candy Crush and some in Sailor Moon Drops, but ultimately it is more challenging. Here’s why it’s a tougher game:
  • You cannot reroll a bad level setup in SailorDrops. Both games incorporate RNG into (some) level generation, meaning that the particular mix/placement of jewel colors you get will differ. If you get a bad one in Candy Crush, you can X out of the window that pops up over the level and preserve your life to try again and roll better. If you do this in SailorDrops, you lose the heart and effectively chose to lose that game without even trying. I like this as it is. You play what you get. 
  • Special/combo move effects do not preserve game state at the time of activation. That means that if I activate, for example, the color bomb with a horizontal stripe, gems can fall from their current location before the effect is activated, making any strategy I put into decided when/where pieces should be placed when I activate the move essentially useless. I do NOT like this feature and believe they should change it to work the way Candy Crush’s does, which does preserve game state when you activate special/combo moves. Changing it to match the Candy Crush system would reduce RNG and reward players for making more strategic moves.
  • There is no daily wheel of freebies to spin. You do get login bonuses, but that’s predetermined so you can’t get lucky. 
  • The friends list has a limit. Candy Crush intelligently wants you suckering as many of your Facebook buddies as possible into playing this game. SailorDrops however limits you to like 30 friends, which is stupid, because if one of them becomes inactive you have to constantly cull your friends list based on their activity level and replace them with people who will actually respond to your requests.
What are your thoughts on Sailor Moon Drops? Overall I love the game and I’m really enjoying some of the newer level designs. The Diana one is my favorite. Leave a comment and tell me!

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