How to complete Nokano quests as Saurid in Battle for Azeroth

Everyone we know has recently renewed their WOW subscription and is banging through Battle For Azeroth’s new content. And it’s great – but it’s definitely new, and a little buggy. Some fun mechanics have experienced difficulties, including a cute minigame that can be frustratingly buggy.

The official quest is entitled Curse of Jani, and it takes place in Dazar’alor and Zuldazar. It happens after you complete Pests, the quest where you chase Thieving Snappers around the city and end at the Big One. Well, the Big One morphs into a sadist who turns you into this:

dinosaur saurid wow nakanoImage via Wowhead

First you have to run down a stretch of city, dodging aggro sentries with a Sprint to get to this bro called Nokano. Next, you have to head back for some reason and bite him. Why? Because we’re Blizzard and we said, that’s why. Much like the Pinky quest, without much explanation you must run directly into the lit-up goalperson’s face, and the quest promptly restarts should you get too close to a wall or a citizen.

This quest is currently ill-conceived because the barriers which restart the mission are so unreliably defined that it feels bugged. Hopefully they’ll fix it. In the meantime, pop your sprint early, mid about right at the bend just barely juking past the red soldier, and then barrel into Nokano like it’s going to ding you 120. Ah, World of Warcraft. Life’s been empty without you.

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